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When you are facing a charge of domestic violence, of any variety, in Orange County or anywhere in California, your future is truly at stake and you can't afford to go unrepresented or to rely on anything less than the best possible legal representation.


Attorney Joshua Baskin and Domestic Violence Attorney are committed to providing top-tier legal advice and representation to the people of Orange County - and the bottom line is this: we win. We win consistently where other law firms often fail or where they avoid taking on the "tough cases" to begin with.

First and foremost, we seek to win a dismissal of the charge or charges against you so it will never even go to court; secondly, we fight for a full acquittal; and third, if necessary and with your full knowledge and consent only, we use our well seasoned negotiation skills to secure a beneficial plea bargain that reduces your charge, sentence, or both - or gets you into a deferred entry of judgment or other diversion program.

Who Are We at Domestic Violence Attorney?

Our mission and calling, and the passion of all our on-staff attorneys, is to provide the absolutely highest level of legal expertise and skilled criminal defense to each and every client we serve. The fact is, it is far too easy to be accused of a domestic violence crime in California, and what you're up against with experienced prosecutors, the resources of the city or the state, and (quite often) a tendency to presume the guilt of anyone accused of this class of crimes - is far too much for those unfamiliar with the legal world to handle on their own.

Our attorneys have attained a high level of education both in the classroom and in the courtroom. We combine deep-seated knowledge of the law - even down to the "legal minutia," with well-honed practical skills in navigating Orange County and L.A. Area court processes across the full gamut of relevant case-types.

Who are we at Domestic Violence Attorney? We are a dedicated team of second to none criminal defense lawyers and staff who fight tenaciously in your best interests from beginning to end, walking you one step at a time through the whole criminal defense process to a successful conclusion. We understand how common and how life-shaking it can be to suddenly find yourself facing false or exaggerated domestic violence charges, and we fight for you the way we would want to be fought for were our roles reversed.

Kevin Roncevich - Lead Investigator

My name is Kevin Roncevich, and I am a Private Investigator for Domestic Violence Attorney based in Orange County. In collaboration with county authorities, my work entails seeking justice for both victims and those accused of abuse within the confines of the law. In a career spanning decades, I have demonstrated selfless dedication to my clients as well as patriotic service to my country.


I served in the US Navy with honor from 1997 to 2001. While based at San Diego, California, I was deployed two times onboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. On both occasions, I was sent to the Persian Gulf area as part of Operation Southern Watch. During my deployment in 1998, our carrier battle group-initiated Tomahawk missile attacks against two locations. The first, a pharmaceutical firm in Sudan, was suspected of aiding terror mastermind Osama Bin Laden by manufacturing chemical weapons. The second site, located in Afghanistan was Osama’s terrorist training camp. President Bill Clinton ordered these missile strikes known as Operation Infinite Reach, thirteen days after twin terrorist attacks against US embassies in the East African countries of Kenya and Tanzania. I received many awards and recognitions during my service in the United States Navy.


  • Two Sea Service Deployment Ribbons
  • Two Armed Forces Expeditionary Medals
  • Two Meritorious Unit Commendations
  • A Good Conduct Medal
  • A Coast Guard Unit Commendation with Operational Distinguishing Device
  • A Battle “E” Award
  • A Flag Letter of Commendation (FLOC) 
  • A Navy Achievement Medal (NAM)
  • A Letter of Commendation from a Rear Admiral of the United States Navy
  • Sailor of the Month award
  • Junior Sailor of the Month award
  • A Letter of Appreciation from the Commanding Officer of HS-4
  • A· Letter of Commendation from the Commanding Officer of HS-4

After serving in the United States Navy with honor, I went on to train at Golden West Police Academy, located in Huntington Beach, CA. I started my police training in November 2001 and ended in April 2002. And as a result of being the best in my class, I joined the Cypress Police Department in February 2002.

During my time as an officer at this department, I served in various capacities including patrol, training, SWAT and criminal investigations. I have nearly 2000 hours of official practice not to mention thousands of extra hours’ worth of hands-on training acquired at work. I have also taken part in and completed hundreds of hours’ worth of advanced officer training. I have listed some of them below.

PATROL OFFICER- During my stint in patrol, I ensured public safety through maintenance of order, prompt response to emergencies, enforcement of motor vehicle as well as criminal laws.

My job also entailed identifying, pursuing, and arresting suspects and criminals. I also participated in reviewing incidents with the aim of determining whether criminal acts were committed at the state or federal level or if violations of municipal city laws took place. As a patrol officer, I would regularly testify in court while presenting evidence or acting as a witness in traffic or criminal cases. I would be required to process prisoners and take care of records concerning prisoner status in the course of both booking and pre-trial procedures.

TRAINING OFFICER - I was tasked with training and evaluating new officers so they could work in a manner that exhibited qualities such as safety, skillfulness, efficiency, and professionalism. New officers were evaluated based on their performance which includes but is not limited to writing reports, knowledge about the city, understanding federal and state laws, excellent driving skills and adhering to officer safety.

MEMBER OF SWAT TEAM - During my time as a SWAT officer, I responded to numerous SWAT callouts which were initiated as a way of guaranteeing other police officers’ safety. Such situations included apprehending violent criminals, responding to hostage situations, counter-terrorism operations, and countless other events where civilians or police were in danger. As a member of the West County-based SWAT team, I also executed high-risk search and arrest warrants. My primary position on the team was that of the breacher- tasked with breaching the target building for the team to access it.

DETECTIVE/CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS - I spent four years as a criminal investigator. As a detective, I handled fraud cases, property crimes, and crimes against persons. I conducted routine investigations involving all crimes, seeking relevant suspects and witnesses, preserving knowledge concerning all factual stipulations, partnering with our crime lab counterparts in performing tests on samples scenes. I also worked directly in conjunction with the district attorney to prepare strong cases that would withstand jury trials. As a detective, it wasn’t uncommon for me to write search warrants, meet the DA to go over them, and meet with judges to go through and sign them. During my stint as a lead detective, I supervised a group of other detectives often composed of officers outside law enforcement such as the FBI, the Secret Service, the Department of Justice, etc. I would oversee and manage as many as 25 other law enforcers derived from various agencies.


  • Gold Distinguished Service Medal - For heroic and brave display during an incident involving the shooting of an armed and dangerous robbery suspect.
  • Letter of Commendation - Awarded by the Orange County DA’s office for my part in a high-profile investigation.
  • Letter of Commendation - After a bank robbery that led to a vehicle pursuit and subsequent arrest of the bandits.
  • Letter of Appreciation - Written by the Los Alamitos police chief following the arrest of suspects who escaped from officers.
  • Official recognition by the chief of police of Cypress city following the arrest of a banned narcotics suspect.
  • I designed and oversaw the implementation of a new form for the entire department, used during the investigation of people suspected of abusing illegal narcotics.
  • Letter of Appreciation by American Rentals for my role in solving a case that involved industrial equipment.
  • Letter of recognition by the chief of police of Cypress for my dedication and team effort in regards to an intensive search for a suspected robber.
  • Letter of recognition by the chief of police of Cypress for my successful arrest of many vandalism suspects whose escape was prevented as a result of planning to thwart such eventualities.
  • Letter of recognition by the Police Narcotics Sergeant at Cypress in regards to a secret referral that led to the issuance of a search warrant, leading to the apprehension of two suspects in possession of large amounts of meth, a gun, and other paraphernalia.


  • Criminal investigations - At the Sheriff’s Department in Riverside County
  • Courtroom testimony - At the Sheriff’s Department in Riverside County
  • Advanced Interview and Interrogation techniques - At the Sheriff’s Department in Riverside County
  • Sexual Assault and Child Abuse training - At the Sheriff’s Department in Riverside County
  • Homicide Investigation - At the Sheriff’s Department in Orange County
  • Investigation of Elder Abuse - At the Sheriff’s Department in Orange County
  • Instructions on Search Warrants - At the Sheriff’s Department in San Bernardino
  • Emergency Response to Terrorist Incidents - At the Sheriff’s Department in Orange County
  • Certificate of Training on recognition of bootleg DVDs - Awarded by The Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.
  • Vehicle Theft - At the Sheriff’s Department in Orange County
  • Identity Theft - At the Regional Training Center in San Diego
  • Alcohol Sensor Device Certification - At the Sheriff’s Department in Orange County
  • Certification in the Lawful Interception of Wire and Electronic Digital Pager or Electronic Cellular Telephone Communications - Department of Justice of the State of California
  • Collection of DNA Evidence - Cypress City
  • Certification on the QUICKCHECK Narcotic Identification Kit
  • Training about the Public Enemy Number One (PENI) Street Gang – By the Southern California Skinhead Task Force and the Association of Orange County Training Managers

After retiring from the Police Department of Cypress City in 2013, I registered my private security firm. In my capacity as founder and vice president, I was responsible for coming up with a comprehensive business plan that would include a thorough description of our services, how the business would be funded (financiers, creditors), business milestones as well as the overall goal.

My duties involved going through sales reports and other documents associated with the company’s financial standing. Other tasks included but were not limited to singling out problems, interpreting results using quantitative techniques, improving quality and productivity through streamlined systems and procedures. I have listed below some of my achievements as well as those of the company.


I was responsible for successfully steering the Sales and Operations divisions of the company. This resulted to over $4 million by the close of our third year, from zero revenue when we started. Part of my achievement was foreseeing a growth in sales of $5.5 million by the end of the fourth year while maintaining an impressive profit margin of 40% and 150 employees in the entire company.

I was tasked with the purchasing, deploying and maintaining 35 patrol cars that were part of our company’s fleet.


  • The Orange County Business Journal named our company as Orange County’s second fastest growing small business.
  • We were awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the San Jacinto School District for our community service initiatives.

While still an owner of the private security company, I started a Private Investigations Firm in 2015. As both owner and PI, I handled criminal as well as civil defense investigations, AOE/COE investigations, Insurance, and welfare fraud and still gave expert witness testimony.

I have still managed to continue pursuing obtaining relevant professional licenses which are listed below.

More than 55 general education units gained from Cypress College, Coastline Community College and Golden West College.

  • Certificate in Basic Peace Officer Standards & Training
  • Certificate in Peace Officer Standards & Training
  • Certificate in Advanced Peace Officer Standards & Training
  • Private Patrol Operator – From the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
  • Private Investigator – From the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
  • Guard Card – From the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
  • Certificate of Completion in the Used Vehicle Pre-Licensing Education Program

8 Reasons You Should Choose Us Over the Competition

Orange County has no shortage of criminal defense firms, including firms that are willing to take on domestic violence defense cases - but if you are looking for the best possible legal defense, then your options immediately get rather narrow. We at Domestic Violence Attorney are confident you will agree with our past clients that we stand head and shoulders above the crowd and offer you a truly better service, experience, and outcome.

Here are 8 of the most important reasons why our clients keep on choosing us over "the rest:"

  1. Personalized Attention. We are not a "law mill," like so many of our competitors. Which is to say, we personally handle all the cases we take on and pair you with an attorney with deep experience in that exact practice area - instead of "farming you out" to a less experienced firm for a "finder's fee."
  2. Depth & Breadth. We cover all domestic violence practice areas and related matters under one roof. This is important since multiple charges can come up in a single case. And we also have depth of knowledge and experience on any particular domestic violence case-type.
  3. Specialization. While we noted above our extensive coverage of practice areas, that is said within the context of our being a specifically "domestic violence criminal defense" firm. Domestic violence is not an add-on, extra practice area to us, like with some other firms. It's what we do. And we do it well.
  4. Dedication to Excellence. We have an impeccable work ethic and always are careful to "custom build" each case based on the facts. That is, we do diligent research, including the investigation of the site of the alleged crime, the digging for evidence, the cross-examination of witnesses against you and the locating of witnesses to testify in your behalf -what it takes to win. We don't use a lazy, cookie cutter approach. We diligently work to win each and every case.
  5. Good Communication. Unlike some lawyers, we don't leave you in the dark on what's going on with your case. We communicate with your "early and often" and update you without delay on major turns of events. We also make sure you can contact us as needed, anytime, to discuss your case.
  6. Local Experience. It's always better to go with a lawyer who's local, who knows the ins and outs of local courtroom procedures and how local law enforcement works. We are local to Orange County, CA, and are fully familiar with the "way things work" in the region. There are no procedural surprises or unforeseen glitches you need to worry about when you choose us.
  7. We Never Quit. We always finish what we start. We walk you through the whole legal process from beginning to end, and we never quit along the way. We know how to win the best possible outcome to each and every domestic violence defense case.
  8. Free Initial Consultation. We are so sure you will be impressed with our services that we do not feel a need to charge for an initial consultation but offer free, no-obligation consultations 24/7.