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G. Cole Casey

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G.Cole Casey

When you are facing a charge of domestic violence, of any variety, in Orange County or anywhere in California, your future is truly at stake and you can't afford to go unrepresented or to rely on anything less than the best possible legal representation.

G. Cole Casey is one of California’s most respected and most experienced trial lawyersHe is a California native.

Mr. Casey prides himself in accepting very few cases, choosing only to represent those clients that truly need his help. A small and select caseload also allows him the time to build strong personal relationships with his clients, something he believes is essential to being a strong advocate for those clients. He has been in private practice for nearly 20 years and his clients include numerous professional athletes, politicians, CEO’s of Fortune 10 companies, doctors, nurses, airline pilots, lawyers, judges, police officers, firefighters and members of the armed services. He will only accept misdemeanor cases for those client’s facing serious collateral consequences, such as the potential loss of job, career, security clearance, teaching credential, professional license, or those clients with multiple offenses or probation violations facing significant jail time.

Mr. Casey is deemed a Specialist Member of the California DUI Lawyer’s Association, and sat on the Board of Directors of that organization for 6 years. He is one of a select group of attorneys nationally that have been selected as faculty instructors to the National College for DUI Defense, held at Harvard University. He is also a Founder of the National DUI Defense Lawyer’s Association. He has been selected by Superlawyers as a member of the top 5% of lawyers in California, and based on his client reviews, has received the coveted “Client’s Choice Award” from AVVO for the past 5 straight years, with over 100 5 Star client reviews, and a 10/10 “Superb” rating. He is named into the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers and has been named the “Best of the Bar” every year that award has been given. His firm has been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Be advised that Mr. Casey is one of the few lawyers that will honestly and openly tell prospective clients that they simply do not need his services, or the services of any lawyer at all, if that is the case. Those facing any form of domestic violence charges are urged to call. And although his services are in high demand in courts all over California, callers will be pleasantly surprised that they will actually speak directly to Mr. Casey, and he will take all the time necessary to address all of their questions, preferring a casual, friendly chat to a high pressure sales approach riddled with scare tactics and half-truths.

Jonathan Reza
G.Cole Casey

Jonathan embarked on his legal journey at Hastings College of the Law, where his advocacy skills earned him the esteemed title of Best Oral Advocate in the Moot Court competition. Transitioning to the University of California Irvine's School of Law, he immersed himself in the intricacies of criminal law and procedure, refining his expertise through rigorous coursework.

During his time at UCI, Jonathan deepened his immersion in the legal arena through internships and externships at the Orange County Public Defender's Office. Here, he encountered the realities of the criminal justice system firsthand, dedicating himself to aiding clients. Notably, he found fulfillment in assisting indigent individuals in clearing their criminal records through the New Leaf Program.

As Jonathan's journey progressed, he gained hands-on experience alongside a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, defending clients charged with offenses ranging from minor infractions to serious capital crimes. These experiences provided him with invaluable insights, fostering close collaboration with defense teams throughout the legal process.

Following graduation, Jonathan's unwavering commitment to justice led him to work as a paralegal while preparing for the bar exam. Upon admission to the California State Bar, he joined the Aspen Law Group, specializing in DUI defense, where his dedication and expertise made a significant impact on clients statewide.

Motivated by a desire to provide exceptional legal representation, Jonathan eventually established his own practice, handling a diverse array of cases across counties like Contra Costa and San Diego. His impressive track record underscores his steadfast advocacy and unwavering commitment to justice.

As a distinguished member of the California Criminal Law Group, Jonathan continues his mission to champion the rights of individuals, ensuring access to comprehensive and compassionate legal defense in Orange County and beyond.

Who Are We at Domestic Violence Attorney?

Our mission and calling, and the passion of all our on-staff attorneys, is to provide the absolutely highest level of legal expertise and skilled criminal defense to each and every client we serve. The fact is, it is far too easy to be accused of a domestic violence crime in California, and what you're up against with experienced prosecutors, the resources of the city or the state, and (quite often) a tendency to presume the guilt of anyone accused of this class of crimes - is far too much for those unfamiliar with the legal world to handle on their own.

Our attorneys have attained a high level of education both in the classroom and in the courtroom. We combine deep-seated knowledge of the law - even down to the "legal minutia," with well-honed practical skills in navigating Orange County and L.A. Area court processes across the full gamut of relevant case-types.

Who are we at Domestic Violence Attorney? We are a dedicated team of second to none criminal defense lawyers and staff who fight tenaciously in your best interests from beginning to end, walking you one step at a time through the whole criminal defense process to a successful conclusion. We understand how common and how life-shaking it can be to suddenly find yourself facing false or exaggerated domestic violence charges, and we fight for you the way we would want to be fought for were our roles reversed.

8 Reasons You Should Choose Us Over the Competition

Orange County has no shortage of criminal defense firms, including firms that are willing to take on domestic violence defense cases - but if you are looking for the best possible legal defense, then your options immediately get rather narrow. We at Domestic Violence Attorney are confident you will agree with our past clients that we stand head and shoulders above the crowd and offer you a truly better service, experience, and outcome.

Here are 8 of the most important reasons why our clients keep on choosing us over "the rest:"

  1. Personalized Attention. We are not a "law mill," like so many of our competitors. Which is to say, we personally handle all the cases we take on and pair you with an attorney with deep experience in that exact practice area - instead of "farming you out" to a less experienced firm for a "finder's fee."
  2. Depth & Breadth. We cover all domestic violence practice areas and related matters under one roof. This is important since multiple charges can come up in a single case. And we also have depth of knowledge and experience on any particular domestic violence case-type.
  3. Specialization. While we noted above our extensive coverage of practice areas, that is said within the context of our being a specifically "domestic violence criminal defense" firm. Domestic violence is not an add-on, extra practice area to us, like with some other firms. It's what we do. And we do it well.
  4. Dedication to Excellence. We have an impeccable work ethic and always are careful to "custom build" each case based on the facts. That is, we do diligent research, including the investigation of the site of the alleged crime, the digging for evidence, the cross-examination of witnesses against you and the locating of witnesses to testify in your behalf -what it takes to win. We don't use a lazy, cookie cutter approach. We diligently work to win each and every case.
  5. Good Communication. Unlike some lawyers, we don't leave you in the dark on what's going on with your case. We communicate with your "early and often" and update you without delay on major turns of events. We also make sure you can contact us as needed, anytime, to discuss your case.
  6. Local Experience. It's always better to go with a lawyer who's local, who knows the ins and outs of local courtroom procedures and how local law enforcement works. We are local to Orange County, CA, and are fully familiar with the "way things work" in the region. There are no procedural surprises or unforeseen glitches you need to worry about when you choose us.
  7. We Never Quit. We always finish what we start. We walk you through the whole legal process from beginning to end, and we never quit along the way. We know how to win the best possible outcome to each and every domestic violence defense case.
  8. Free Initial Consultation. We are so sure you will be impressed with our services that we do not feel a need to charge for an initial consultation but offer free, no-obligation consultations 24/7.