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Criminal defense attorneys usually face several unique challenges every day in their line of duty. Because of the nature of your work as a criminal defense attorney, you should expect client calls even at 2 a.m or on holidays when someone's life or...

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What Is Our Reputation in Local, Orange County Communities?

We have built a strong local reputation over our many years of service in Orange County, CA, as the name you can trust in domestic violence defense. We develop longstanding relationships in local O.C., L.A., and Southern California neighborhoods and provide quick access to top legal defense for all.

Our past clients consistently give us high marks - and our customer satisfaction rates are always impressive. We get large percentages of new clients off referrals from past ones, which is a sure sign we're meeting and exceeding client expectations. And our online reviews on Yelp and elsewhere are overwhelmingly positive.

We offer you a free, no obligation domestic violence consultation anytime 24/7/365. Just call us today at 714-888-4833, and you can speak with an experienced domestic violence lawyer who will take the time to analyze your case and help you make an informed decision on what to do next.